How to Redeem Your Coupon

-:How to Redeem Your Coupon :-


Dear Customer,


Here we are discussing how to redeem your discount coupon  .


Below is an example how to purchase your discount coupon ,in this image you can see that you are purchasing a”Degitek USB Car Charger” ,With that car charger you are geting a free discount coupon to buy VIVO Y21.


If you want to buy this Vivo Y21 then you have to Download Our app from PLay Store and have to earn referral points similar to your product prize , then you can buy your product absolutely free.




-:How To Earn Referral Point From The Jt App:-


1. Find The Jt App in Google Play Store.


2.Install It In Your Smart Phone.


3.Now open It , It Will Be Look Like Similar Below .




4. Click On The refer & Earn Button.



5. Click On Refer Task.




6. Now Share your Massage and Referral Link where You Want To Share With Your Friends , You Will Get Rs. 1 For Every Referral Click.




7. After Sharing With Friends You Will Have Rs.1 For Every Clicks, Now You Have Enough  Referral Amount Now Click On Redeem Button To Get Your Product Absolutely Free.


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